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Now is the opportunity to access a growing library of entertaining and informative titles directly in your classroom.  Complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange classroom access for your school.

School Membership to SSR STEM Videos allows for unlimited classroom viewing of our videos. The annual cost of $85 (per school, per year, per channel – $149 per year for both channels). The channels are: SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT FOR KIDS aimed at Elementary Level students and SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT designed to encourage Middle and High School level students to pursue STEM related careers.  New titles for the 2018/19 school year are currently in production and each year we will add eight new episodes to your school’s channel.  Please note that we offer discounts to provide access to multiple schools within a district.

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    See What Educators Are Saying About Our Video Episodes

    “SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT did an excellent job creating a simple platform to access quality video lessons that are aligned to the rigor of our new state standards in science. I look forward to seeing the tool in action during my classroom visits. “

    – K Briley
     High School Science Consultant
     Calcasieu Parish School Board

    “From my research on SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT OnLINE, I believe this online resource will be a tremendous benefit to our school. An easily accessible database of science videos, along with teaching manuals and materials, will build upon our commitment to STEM education and student success.”

    – S  E Sinn
    Assistant to Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    Southeastern Greene School District

    “The science teachers are excited to now have this valuable information available online so more students can be reached. Teachers can easy link the URL into their learning management system for science students, and I am able to have the link available for all students in the high school building through the library website”

    – T Parido, Librarian
     Central York High School

    “Few can argue the broad appeal of video in a classroom. As you know they can heighten a student’s understanding and appreciation for the world we live in and make complex topics more accessible.”

    – J Elliott
    Principal, Cleveland Middle School, Cleveland TN

    Elevate Your Classroom

    For almost 50 years, SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT® has been a unique and successful vehicle supporting STEM education in the nation’s schools. We provide a well-regarded and time-honored source of science news reporting that is ideal for classroom and e-learning and is seen by more than 25 million students and their teachers each year. Our award-winning series, consisting of both elementary and secondary grade level episodes, are two of the longest-running educational programs in existence.


    SSR STEM VIDEOS features episodes of SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT and SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT FOR KIDS and is used by schools that understand the importance of supplementing STEM curriculum while making science fun, engaging, and relevant for students. The episodes, which average 12 minutes in length, examine current developments, discoveries and innovations in science and are designed to show the vital impact science has on everyday lives, while encouraging students to consider a STEM related career.

    Teacher's Guides

    A comprehensive teacher guide, prepared and approved by a committee of educators and curriculum developers, accompanies each episode. The guide includes lesson strategies for educators, program overview, topical background information, suggestions for critical thought, discussions and further study, career options, related references and associated website links.